Carbon Monoxide Detector Features and Security Benefits

-xtremely simple to install
-5+ year battery life
-Smart, self-testing every Sixty minutes
-Customizable options & alerts that suit your lifestyle
-Compatible with all homes
-Lifetime warranty available

Each carbon monoxide alarm is pre-programmed along with your Cove Touch security panel. You can customize each sensor name to correlate using its location inside your home. With a couple of touches from the screen it is possible to confirm that each safety sensor is setup and ready to alert those you love.

Protecting your household from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning is less difficult with Cove. If co is detected, your alarm siren will sound and an alert will display on your Cove Touch security panel. You're also immediately notified by our 24/7 professional monitoring station.

Once your security panel is at an alarm condition due to your sensor detecting deadly carbon monoxide, pressing the hush button around the CO detector will silence the sensor’s alarm for a few minutes. However, the alert on your own security panel will still sound. This time limit is for your safety. Everyone, including pets, should leave the house immediately and phone local authorities.

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